Be #Unshakable. Be in Truth with Yourself. Love Yourself

About Sally Chiwuzie

Sally Chiwuzie is the author of Silent Symphonies, a lifestyle blogger, magazine columnist and owner of the #Unshakable Brand and growing movement. #Unshakable is a state of mind which promotes individualism, self-love, self-worth, confidence, embracing truth and transformation. We are all unique creatures of nature, we need to accept and indeed, celebrate our differences.

Motto: Be #Unshakable. Be in truth yourself. Love yourself

Sally Chiwuzie inspires and empowers people globally by sharing emotionally raw, relevant and compelling stories about love, passion, sex, romance, loss, conflict, abuse and challenges that help them to embrace their own value, tap into their own strength and transcend the obstacles that life invariably throws in their way. Her seminal novel, “Silent Symphonies,” took almost ten years to complete as she fought self-doubt and discouragement brought on by being told she lacked the resources, intelligence, talent and drive to attain her dreams. Silent Symphonies is inspired by the fact that Sally understands how women can feel pigeon-holed into fitting the mould of a “perfect” wife, mother, etc. Sally’s book inspires readers to understand that life is supposed to be filled with challenges and that at the end of the day it’s how we handle those challenges that define our own stories and the quality of our lives. This led to the sub-set of the main #Unshakable Movement called “Together We Are Unshakable’ – a facebook group set up for women inspired by a shared commitment to helping women learn to see themselves, love themselves and value themselves.

Sally envisions herself achieving her lifelong dream of sharing the power of story through her own life experiences as well as people she meets in the course of her life and using inspirational books to contribute to women’s evolution, empowerment and all-round prosperity.

Sally Chiwuzie is also the creator of the #Unshakable Merchandise – the idea behind this is to continue to spread the individuality message with intentional consciousness.
# Unshakable is a state of mind. Take your state of mind with you everywhere you go.

This has been warmly received globally with people tagging Sally in their photos from Africa, Asia, Australia, Carribeans, Europe, New Zealand and USA. For this reason, and in promotion of the idea that individuality is special, relevant and should be purposely celebrated, Sally has opted to use photos of the many friends she has made along this journey as opposed to models to symbolise the realness of the powerful message behind the brand.

From guest speaking (see media ) at the United Nations in New York to various appearances at public and private events, Sally Chiwuzie is on a mission to change the world through the power of written word. Follow Sally on this journey of self (re)discovery by registering for the newsletter
and be informed of the next SallyChiwuzieDotCom move. Let’s change the world together – Together We Are #Unshakable.


Motto: Be #Unshakable. Be in truth yourself. Love yourself