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A Night of Stories

A couple of months before I was invited to attend as a guest speaker at the ‘Leave No Women’s Health Issues Behind’ UN conference in New York, hosted by ‘My Sisters’ Health Watch’, I hosted an event called ‘A Night of Stories’.
Between 5pm and 9pm, I told the story of a woman’s life journey – where at various points she was called Faith, Love or Hope. It was a big story that delved deeply into every woman’s Chronicles of #Unshakable Truths. The night was interactive with interludes of music, motivational talks, tears and laughter. That night birthed my idea for a short stories series which is work in progress. The after party was lit, and remains my favourite event of all time for many reasons, which I have shared in many blog posts 🙂

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in the meantime, here is a pictorial view of how the night went

Please see television interview ahead of ‘A Night of Stories’